Stockport Volunteer Club Logo in a landscape format

Jo’s Story

Jo finds that volunteering enables you to get to know the neighbourhoods where you live
Jo and a group of people pose for the camera

“Upon leaving university I got a temporary job for HMRC and they introduced me to their corporate volunteering scheme, which was facilitated by an external charity called Business in the Community. I loved the ethos and values of Business in the Community and it inspired me to want to work in the voluntary sector, when a job came up to work for them, I applied and was successful in securing the job, I do think the fact that I’d already volunteered through one of their programmes gave me greater insight and put me ahead of other candidates. Whilst in employment I’ve always held a volunteer position. I’ve volunteered for my local community association, raising money to invest in our village and put on family friendly events. I’ve also been a volunteer mentor to women who are trying to create their own financial independence and are looking to become self-employed. Volunteering is mutually beneficial, whilst it serves a purpose for the host organisation, it’s also very rewarding and provides a greater insight and understanding of communities in which you live.”

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